P.A.C. Service Agreement

P.A.C. Service Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Pet Care Requirements:

1) The initial term of this Pet Care Service Agreement shall be ongoing until Client or Pet Approved Care/Bryan Pfeifer (“PAC/BP”) cancels service. Client also warrants and represents that all information provided to PAC/BP in its Client record is accurate and agrees to notify PAC/BP of any changes/updates.

2) PAC/BP is authorized to: a) provide care as outlined by Client, or as deemed appropriate in its discretion by PAC/BP for the safety of Client's pets and/or property; b) seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense, and against any and all claims by any third parties; and c) to approve medical or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. Client agrees that: a) PAC/BP shall make reasonable effort to utilize Client's preferred veterinary facility; b) PAC/BP will also make reasonable effort to provide prior verbal notice, however, utilization of Client’s preferred veterinary facility or prior verbal notice is not mandatory; c) Client agrees to pay PAC/BP for all expenses incurred, plus any additional fees and/or time for attending to this need; and d) Client will pay PAC/BP for any expense and time incurred to purchase any other home/food/supplies needed for care.

3) In the event in PAC/BP’s sole discretion, a pet requires additional care to that requested by the Client due to behavioral issues, or apparent distress of the pet, PAC/BP reserves the right to provide additional services at the Client's expense and Client agrees to pay PAC/BP for such additional services. In such cases, PAC/BP will attempt to contact the Client at the phone contact information provided by the Client and inform Client of PAC/BP's decision to provide additional services. However, it is the Client's responsibility to provide updated contact information and to promptly return calls to PAC/BP.


4) In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster, national emergency or any other situation beyond PAC/BP’s reasonable control, PAC/BP is entrusted to use its best judgment in caring for pet(s), personal property and home. Client agrees to hold PAC/BP harmless for damages or liabilities related to any such decisions it makes in its discretion to provide care for affected pets, homes or plants under such circumstances.

5) In the event of personal emergency, illness, or unavailability, Client authorizes PAC/BP to arrange for another qualified service provider to fulfill the responsibilities set forth in the Client record.

6) Client will provide PAC/BP with sufficient access to Client's residence to allow PAC/BP to carry out obligations of this Agreement. If Client fails to provide PAC/BP with access on the date(s) of contracted service, PAC/BP will attempt to contact Client to arrange for access. If PAC/BP is unable to reach Client within one hour, PAC/BP shall be deemed to have performed all contracted services required on that date. In the event that PAC/BP is required to employ a locksmith to gain entry into Client's premises due to any emergency situation deemed necessary by PAC/BP, Client shall be responsible for all costs incurred to gain such access. Client expressly gives PAC/BP the authority to employ a locksmith on Client's behalf in the event of the aforementioned circumstances.

Lock Box Program:

7) Client agrees to participate in PAC/BP "Lock Box Program", whereby an exterior Lock Box will be provided as part of the initial paid registration fee. Client agrees that Lock Box: a) will remain the property of PAC/BP; b) may be removed by PAC/BP at any time for any reason, with the contents being returned to Client via any method chosen by PAC/BP; c) will not be used by Client for any other application or use other than service assignments with PAC/BP; d) codes assigned by PAC/BP are not to be altered or changed in any way for any reason; e) is to be securely fastened on a mutually agreed upon location; and f) may be removed by Client when it is not required to be used by PAC/BP. Client agrees to pay a Forty Dollar ($40.00) replacement fee if the Lock Box is lost, stolen or damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Fees and Charges:

8) Client agrees: a) to pay PAC/BP at the rates agreed upon; b) to pay any expenses, charges and/or additional fees incurred by PAC/BP on behalf of Client; c) amounts in 8b shall be in addition to the agreed upon rates; d) that PAC/BP may update its rates at any time following 30-day advance notice to Client; e) to pay PAC/BP one hundred percent (100%) of the total value of the contracted services prior to the rendering of such services by permitting PAC/BP to charge Client's credit card(s) that is on file up to seven days in advance; f) to pay a finance charge of two percent (2%) per month (24% APR) for all past due amounts; and g) to pay a handling fee of Thirty-Five Dollars ($35.00) for all returned checks.

9) Client may cancel any or all portion of unused or future contracted visits for a full refund by notice of said cancellation to PAC/BP. Client agrees that they shall be responsible for paying a fee equal to the revenue for all visits scheduled within 24 hours of said cancellation. Other penalties may apply for Holiday cancellations.

10) To the extent that PAC/BP must resort to collection efforts to recover any unpaid fees or otherwise resorts to legal efforts to enforce any provision of this contract, Client agrees to pay all of the PAC/BP’s attorney's fees and costs associated with the enforcement of this contract and any rights afforded PAC/BP hereunder.

11) PAC/BP agrees to provide all services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services, and as an express condition thereof, Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against PAC/BP.

Limitation of Liabilities:

12) Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against PAC/BP except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of PAC/BP. Client agrees that PAC/BP is not liable for any damage to their premises or property caused by their pet while they are away, due to the Pet's elimination on their premises, breakage or destruction of property. Pet behavior is unpredictable and a pet experiencing emotional reaction to an owner's absence is a common experience for which PAC/BP cannot assume any liability.

13) Client agrees to indemnify and hold PAC/BP harmless from liability, including attorney's fees, arising from any injury or damage to PAC/BP, domestic workers, third parties or real or personal property of third parties as a result of actions of pet(s). Client agrees to disclose to PAC/BP any and all known aggressive pet behavior.


14) PAC/BP reserves the right to terminate this Service Agreement and/or any service order at any time before or during its term if PAC/BP, in its discretion, determines that Client's pet(s) poses any danger to the health or safety of PAC/BP or third parties. If PAC/BP terminates because of such danger while caring for pet(s), PAC/BP is authorized to place pet(s) in a kennel, with all charges there from to be charged to Client. Client will promptly reimburse PAC/BP for any fees that PAC/BP must pay to secure such placement of pet(s).

Final Provision:

15) Client authorizes this signed Service Agreement to be valid approval for future services and charges of any purpose of this Agreement permitting PAC/BP and its assigns to accept verbal, telephone, facsimile, and/or electronic (e-mail/web/text message) requests for services and to enter premises without additional signed agreements or written authorization.

I have reviewed this Pet Care Master Service Agreement in full and I understand and agree to its terms.