Why should I use P.A.C. and what are the benefits?

With P.A.C., you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for with special one-on-one care. It's not like those chaotic, busy and confusing pet care centers that don’t have the ability to always give the kind of attention and experience you and your pet desire. Whether you are working long hours at the office, on a business trip or away on a much deserved vacation, you can relax knowing a conscientious pet care provider is tending to your loved one. I fact, we will even email or text you pictures and/or send daily reports of their antics and adventures if it will help ease your separation anxiety. Beyond feeding, exercising, playing and cleaning up after your pet, we will become the person who gives your pet a vacation of their own. Our job is to ensure safe care, fun and happiness when you and your loved one simply can’t be together.

As a fully-insured professional pet care provider, we also pay close attention to the security of your home which has become an invaluable service to many of our clients. Whether it’s taking in your mail and daily paper, making sure your favorite plants are watered or coordinating any unique issues while you’re traveling, we will make sure both your pet and home are safe and cared for. Your pet receives 100% of our professional pet-sitter’s love, hugs and attention – and your home enjoys that special care as well.

What does my pet think about all this?

“There’s no place like home”… is not just a saying … it’s a fact! Your pet’s daily routine stays consistent with its familiar layout, smells and sounds. From their special diet and daily bathroom breaks, to their medications and favorite chair, their anxieties are minimized as a result of your absence. Your pet remains in a safe, familiar and non-threatening environment: THEIR HOME! This advantage greatly reduces your pet’s stress keeping them healthy, safe and content while you are away. Another key benefit to home private pet care is the prevention of exposure to potential diseases and/or other environmental stresses. Just like children in daycare, they are subject to increased possibilities of illnesses and sicknesses in foreign environments. Besides your pets avoiding disease, they may still have psychological trauma from being confined in a cage with non-stop barking around them, picked on by an alpha dog, or through experiencing separation anxiety from their home environment and their owners.

Tell me more about these ‘stress’ and ‘safety’ issues.

Home pet sitting alleviates the stress and inconvenience of transporting your “furry child” to another location, thereby reducing stress for everyone. Imagine no longer needing to impose upon family, friends and neighbors who may not be able to keep up with a consistent routine or, worst of all, forget or delay a pet visit. We are trained to respond to a pet and/or home emergency if one should arise. Your home is made secure by crime-deterrent measures that we perform with each visit: Routinely checking doors and windows, bringing in mail and simply being visible in your neighborhood are proven crime deterrents and provide added safety measures. There are numerous situations that can arise when away from your home so having someone to alert police, fire, gas and water departments of any issues has resulted in loyal clients that greatly depend and rely on our services.

How Does Your Service Work?

With a simple phone call or quick email, we will coordinate a date and time for a meet-and-greet with you and your pet(s) in the comfort of your own home. This is you and your pet's time to meet and interview us. The interview gives the potential client an opportunity to discuss your pet’s needs, ask questions, discuss concerns and start the process of getting to know and understand your pet. During our home interview, Pet Approved Care will review business policies and procedures with clients while obtaining detailed information about caring for your pet(s) and their daily routines. You decide how often you want your P.A.C. leader to visit and what services to perform. I’ve found these meetings to be ‘fun for all’ since I’m an avid pet lover and always enjoy meeting new people. Obviously this is just an introduction for everyone, and there is absolutely no obligation after we meet.